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Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

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Take advantage of that blank canvas sitting right in the middle of your living room. These ideas will help you infuse your space with color, life and trends you never considered trying before. Whether you're looking for someplace soft to put up your feet or for a formal finishing touch, the right living room coffee table can pull your entire room together. Here, chic and practical choices for every style and lifestyle.

Start with a tray

It's really the foundation for a chic coffee table. Whether you want to display knick knacks or just need a spot for TV remotes, a tray will make whatever you place on the table look neat and polished.

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Pile on pretty books.

They're called coffee table books for a reason. Pick ones with bright covers and bold lettering and vary the height of the stacks for an effortless style that doesn't scream "a designer was here."

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Top stacks with tiny touches

A table grounded by trays and books can carry little sparkly accents, like gemstones or candles, without the look seeming slight. Plus, candle colors and scents can be easily swapped out with the seasons.

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Feng Shui Lucky Figurines

Decorative feng shui statues to put in living room, table, living room and beside the bed for good Feng Shui..

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Accessorize wisely

This bowl serves as a sleek detail when left empty, but can also be filled to celebrate the season. Toss in pine cones for fall or metallic ornaments for the holidays.

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Try a single statement piece

Make your favorite piece the room's focal point by displaying it alone in the center of the table. With a pretty planter or interesting sculpture, the effect is understated, not spare.

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Decorative Accents

Here's an easy way to bring new life to your old coffee table: Decorative accents on the table to create a bonus statement and bring uniqueness to your room.

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Create varying heights

Because trays and tabletops are horizontal, playing with the height of your accent pieces will add extra interest. Try a tall orchid or tapered candles to mimic this look.

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Treat yourself to fresh flowers

Give your room an inviting touch by buying real blooms when you entertain. Even store-bought blossoms can be an elegant flourish.

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Add metalic accents

Gold, brass and silver have a way of instantly elevating any space, but metalics won't overpower your room when they're showcased on just your coffee table.

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Include natural elements

These Rattan Nesting Service Trays feels bohemian and well-traveled thanks to natural stone pots with living succulents inside.

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Embrace your quirkiness

This breezy Florida living room doesn't take itself too seriously. Case in point: two gold flamingo statues that we bet serve as fantastic conversation starters when guests are over.

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