Different Types of Gardens

Gardening’s one the oldest and most basic of human pursuits. We’re hardwired to plant and grow. The progression of farming and agriculture over time has been the driving and saving force allowing humanity to grow and prosper. Planting and tending plants, tilling fields, harvesting crops...for the majority of the first world this never enters into the equation. Modern farming and agriculture make life easier while also also distancing the average person from the beauty and natural wonder of farming.

But gardeners like to express themselves, to put a bit of personality into their creations. It’s this drive to make a masterpiece of gardens everywhere and keeps us as entertained. As the old saying goes, “different strokes for different folks.” So if conventional gardens aren’t your thing or you are interested in learning more about the many beautiful types and varieties of gardening, this post is for you. Hopefully we can inspire a creative passion to add flair and outdoor originality to your home.



When considering a garden to add beauty to the home. One of the first things that comes to mind are the ever popular container gardens. And of all the main types of gardening, container gardening is the fastest and easiest way to get started, hence its overwhelming popularity.

As the name suggests, a container garden is a little piece of nature bundled up into a man-made pot, planter or wheelbarrow (etc...). Flower pots, hanging plants, a natural explosion overflowing from a wooden crate - all these are great examples of simple ways to get starting beautifying and can spruce up even the smallest of spaces.


Seeking a larger, more substantial planting area? raised bed gardens work well. These garden beds built are perfect for creating your own vegetable patch or unleashing an outburst of color upon your yard. Constructed of wooden boards and filled several inches deep with rich, nutrient dense soil. Raised bed gardens serve as a proper growing ground for a assortment of plant life while protecting your vegetables, flowers from weeds, insects and other pesky pests.

Another bonus of raised bed gardening is the ease of watering. Your plants in a confined cluster makes watering, weeding and maintaining more manageable for the average gardener.


Building upon the base of raised beds, fruit and veggie gardens are a popular and tasty for many home gardeners. While setting up a sweet, sustainable vegetable garden seems overwhelming. Who wouldn’t want to grow their own luscious fruits and sweet veggies? Harvesting wholesome produce is some of the most rewarding gardening.


Growing food and picking peppers and berries sounds exciting! Many enjoy the pure beauty of flower gardens. Blooming, fresh flowers filling the air with sweet, soothing fragrances. Flower gardens bring this stress reducing, simply stunning experience to millions of home gardeners every day. Planting perennials, annuals, or just the right amount of water to thrive...the practice for beauty and vibrance is most common draw for homeowners. Flower beds add depth and beauty to the home. They brighten even the gloomiest of days. A compliment from a neighbor, a quiet reflection of your handiwork...planting flowers pays dividends on your health no one could ever accomplish or quantify.


As any rose lover will tell you, growing and caring for rose bushes is an art in and of itself, wholly different from your average flower garden. Roses require their own special love and care. But patience and pruning pay off. The deep, vibrant reds and stunningly simple whites wow the senses and create the romantic passion and love roses typically imbue. There’s a reasons roses signify romance and have been lovingly shared for centuries...So if brilliant beauty and a wondrous aroma are high priorities for your home garden, perhaps reveling in your own rose garden would work for you.


For individuals in cities and urban environments. Anyone can add a bit of natural beauty to their lives. It takes only time and patience and urban gardening is growing at an incredibly rapid rate. More and more, people are looking to connect with nature in our fast-paced modern world. They want a simple escape. Urban gardening can be that escape.

And for most, urban gardening is really a move to more independent, local, socially-responsible farming. Whether you’re growing a few herbs out your kitchen, covering your rooftop with greenery or joining local initiatives to support urban farming. Gardening knows no bounds.


Butterflies are one of nature’s most vibrant, color creatures. Some plants will attract these incredible insects more than others in your butterfly garden. Here’ a couple of plants to help flood your yard with bold, beautiful butterflies and help cross-pollinate your garden in the process.

    • Aster
    • Butterfly Bush
    • Chrysanthemums
    • Salvia
    • Zinnia
    • Fennel
  • And many others…


More of a low maintenance kind of gardener? Interested in nice, easy natural beauty without all the work? Well, woodland gardening will work well for you. These simple yet stylish gardens embody the natural beauty native to the area, concentrating on wildflowers, woodland plants and greenery well suited to shade and surviving on their own. These can cultivated quite well in the yard or surrounding areas and as they’re native to the region, will thrive with less care and watering than their flashier, more exotic cousins.


Space is often a constraint many gardeners face when looking to plant and grow. This is especially true in urban community environments or where the individual is interested in vegetable gardening. Serious vegetable gardening, while planting and harvesting produce and crops to satisfy seems such a good idea. Claiming the entire backyard to build a vegetable wonderland won’t sit well with the kids. Backyard sports, family get-togethers take space and often times it just makes sense.


Some of the best and daily beauty resides right in our homes. The place we spend most of our time, and is true for urbanites, suburbanites and everyone in-between. Studies show that our homes and our environment have a profound impact on our health. Adding some incredible indoor plants can have an improving effect on our mood. Enjoy nature, even at home. A few potted plants to brighten your day and add a welcoming warmth for guests.


Water gardens work wonders, these simple, elegant designs are the art of aquatic gardening. It is often overlooked by traditional gardeners. Water gardens features, fish ponds, streams,and trickling waterfalls. Gardeners toil long hours perfecting the simplest of man-made natural masterpieces.

Whether by effort and/or imagination, exquisite landscapes can evolve and change over time.

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