Kids Warm Up To Ariana Grande

kids warm up to adrina grada

As one of the most famous pop stars on the planet, Ariana Grande leads an undeniably busy lifestyle, whether she's traveling the world on tour, appearing onstage at awards shows, doing the late night show circuit, or simply trying to spend time with friends, family, and fiancé Pete Davidson.

But she's also committed to her health and wellness, eating a healthy diet and staying active even when she's on the road shuffling from venue to venue.


12-year-old Vancouver dancers join Ariana Grande in concert

The two 12-year-old local dancers, Lucky Aces, who wowed Ellen Degeneres in March got the opportunity to join Ariana Grande on her recent tour stop in Vancouver.

The hip hop duo told Ellen their ultimate goal was to someday perform with Ariana Grande. She then surprised them with VIP tickets to Grande’s upcoming concert in Vancouver where they got to not only meet the pop-star, but join her onstage twice for dance numbers.

“AC” Boni­facio and “Lucky” Ancheta are 12 years old and have been dancing since they were three. According to Philipine Asian News Today, the pair have been named a PNE Finalist in 2013, champions in Surrey Festival of Dance and Prelims Champions in Junior Division for World HipHop International 2014 Next Level HipHop Competitions. They have also performed for Peek Invitational, World of Dance events, commercials and music videos.

Dancing dou Lucky Aces

Filipino-Canadian hip-hop duo Lucky Aces has competed and won in international dance competitions representing the Philippines. But they remained relatively unknown to their kababayan in the country — until they joined ABS-CBN’s talent-reality competition Dance Kids.

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